Chiropractic Care And The Immune System in Princeton NJ

Chiropractic Princeton NJ Flu

Want to learn more about how chiropractic can aid with the flu? Read more from our clinic in Princeton, NJ.

Chiropractic and the flu in Princeton NJ:

During the 1918 flu epidemic 675,000 people in the U.S. died from the flu.1 In Iowa, where chiropractic care originated in 1895, it was quickly observed that people who were going to chiropractors were not dying at the same rate as people who were going to local hospitals.2,3 Medical doctors across the state treated 93,590 patients, with 6,116 deaths (a death rate of 1 in 15), while local chiropractors treated 4,735 patients with only 6 deaths (a death rate of 1 in 789). 2,3 However the most profound change with chiropractic care was found in Oklahoma, where 233 patients who had been deemed "lost causes" by their medical providers were sent to local chiropractors and after receiving chiropractic care 208 of them survived. 2,3

The immune system/ nervous system connection:

The immune system is the system responsible for all repairs in the body. Recently the focus of researchers has shifted from viewing the nervous system and immune system as separate entities to recognizing that the brain utilizes specific pathways to the immune system for the purposes of guiding, controlling and modulating the immune response as well as receiving feedback from immune cells.4,5,6,7,8 Due to this abundant communication system between the nervous system and the immune system it has been suggested that the immune system should be considered a sensory organ and effector organ of the nervous system.9,10,11,12

Chiropractic and the nervous system:

The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to improve communication in the nervous system so the body can react more efficiently and effectively to its surroundings.13,14 Poor movement in the spine can adversely affect the nervous system and thereby effect the immune response.4,15,16,17 One of the ways this happens is the body can incorrectly activate a stress response, which slows the ability of the immune system to react.4,15,16,17  By removing the nervous system dysfunction, spinal adjustments can help improve immune system function.4,5

Some interesting studies:

Studies have measured the effects of chiropractic adjustments on the immune system and have shown that chiropractic care can influence T and B lymphocyte counts, NK (natural killer) cell numbers, antibody levels, phagocytic activity and plasma beta-endorphin levels.18

One study measured the effects of chiropractic adjustments on patients with HIV.13 The CD4 cells (T-helper cells) are the immune cells that are attacked in HIV patients.13 An independent medical center measured the blood work of three groups of patients with HIV. Both of the control groups, one receiving placebo adjustments and the other receiving no adjustments, each experienced about an 8% decrease in CD4 cell counts over a six month period, while the group receiving real chiropractic adjustments experienced a 48% increase in CD4 cell levels over a period of six months.13

Other studies have observed the effect that chiropractic adjustments have on a person's ability to repair cellular damage and genetic mutations.14,19 These studies have shown there is a significant increase in enzymes that the body produces to repair DNA in people who had been receiving long term, regular chiropractic care.14,19 It was also shown that the normal reduction of theses enzymes with age does not appear to happen to people under chiropractic care.14,19

The purpose of chiropractic care is to improve the efficiency of the communication in the nervous system, it is not a treatment for back pain or the flu. When the nervous system is communicating more efficiently the body is better able to handle whatever it is exposed to. The research shows that chiropractic adjustments have a positive effect on the immune system to stimulate it to combat a variety of infectious processes and not only helps sick people get well but helps healthy people become much healthier.18,19,20,21

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