Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have a renewed outlook on health. I am more energetic and have a positive attitude. I'm even sleeping better! Thanks ARI."

- Tim B.

"Dr. Cohn has given me a better understanding about how the human body works. With the help of regular adjustments and increased knowledge of my body, my overall health has never been better."

- Blair J.

"Almost immediately after I began care the acne in my jaw area cleared up, my back pain disappeared and my bruxism reduced greatly. I also noticed that I got sick less often this winter. After experiencing these changes I brought in my son Alec to get the same benefits."

- Elizabeth S.

"This winter I did not get sick like last year. Getting adjusted does not hurt."

- Alec G. (age 8)

"My initial reasons for coming to see Dr. Cohn were not very uncommon. I had some mid and lower back pain that I was looking to eliminate as well as my desires to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

I suffer from asthma. Approximately 2-3 months prior to my 1st visit with Ari my asthma started to get worse. I was having spells of shortness of breath and was using my "emergency only" inhaler at lease once a week. To my surprise Ari detected some problem areas while doing the computer testing of my spine. A major area was nerves T2, T3 which just so happened to involve the lungs, trachea and bronchi and more. Symptoms of having a loss of full function of these nerves include asthma and shortness of breath. This definitely wasn't coincidental. He found a direct cause and effect relationship involving my asthma.

Since I began seeing Dr. Cohn, my back pain has reduced almost completely. Even more shocking to me is the fact that I haven't used my inhaler once in almost a year! Thanks Dr. Cohn."

- Rob R.

"I came in to see Dr. Ari for pain in my lower mid back when I would stand for too long and for pain in my tail bone when I would jump from a height of three feet or more. Dr. Ari explained to me that I had problems in my nerves which were slowing me down and that stopped me from healing properly. After a few months of getting adjusted I noticed a few things. First my pains were gone and I was sleeping much better, which was a huge change. The second was that I had been having pain around my eyes for years, and that was gone too. However, the most amazing thing was that whenever I would get stressed out at work my vision used to get blurry and my eyes would cross, this was no longer happening. This vision problem had been happening for the past year and this is the first time it has gotten better."

- Chris L.

"My initial reasons for coming to see Dr. Cohn were not very uncommon. I had some mid and lower back pain that I was looking to eliminate as well as my desires to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

Since I began coming to Ari for regular chiropractic adjustments, I have noticed the following unexpected benefits:

  • I lost 12 pounds without dieting. I had gained that weight for no real reason (my diet hadn't really changed) but the pounds started falling off (again, without changing my diet) after about three months of care.
  • My carpal tunnel syndrome is practically gone. I had been wearing wrist braces on both arms for at least several hours a day - now I haven't worn them in months.
  • I have more energy and feel less tired during the day.
  • I can get by with less sleep than I could before.
  • Menstrual cramps have almost completely gone away.
  • My hearing improved. I can now hear background musical instruments that I had not picked up on before.
  • I have not been sick in a year.
  • Everything just feels better - more "in sync".

Thank you Ari!"

-H. Eaton

"In June of 2003, I came to see Dr. Cohn for a consultation regarding a persistent pain in my lower back. I had assumed that the treatment would be a quick fix, and then back to life as normal. Dr. Cohn provided me with a much more comprehensive analysis than I had expected, and based on the findings, I decided that a weekly regimen of chiropractic care was in order.

In addition to the lower back pain, I had also had a long history of migraine headaches dating back to my adolescence, and more importantly, my husband and I were trying for almost a year to conceive our first child. After only a few visits, my back pain and headaches had all but vanished, and now after a few months of care our baby is due this May!

I thank Dr. Cohn for care he has provided, and for the positive changes he has made in my over all well being."

- Juliette R.

Study Published by Dr. Cohn

"I started coming in to see Dr. Cohn for two reasons, a long-term problem with my left shoulder and a problem that I have been having with my monthly cycles for years. My monthly cycles have always lacked regularity but for the six months prior to starting care they were totally absent. This was more of a problem than the usual inconvenience, as my husband and I have been trying to have a child. I have been coming to get adjusted for about five months now, and within the first month of care my shoulder problem was almost totally corrected, but much more importantly, in that same time my cycles began to return. A couple of months later I was pregnant! Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to getting adjusted through and after my pregnancy and definitely bringing in our baby to get checked. Thanks again."

- Julie M.

"For the last two years I have had very abundant periods. This was very uncomfortable but more importantly it caused extreme degrees of anemia. I consulted many gynecologists and no one really had an explanation. The best explanation I got was that this was all related to stress, but no real solutions were at hand. I began to get adjusted by Dr. Cohn and after only 10 sessions I noticed a substantial improvement with both of my problems. I am looking forward to continue being adjusted! Thanks Ari."

- MG

"My nightly sleeping has been poor for a number of years. Typically, it was difficult for me to fall asleep. I would lie awake most nights for an hour or more, eventually getting up and reading until I felt tired enough to finally fall asleep. Less often, I would fall asleep shortly after going to bed, but then awaken within 2-3 hours. Though this was less frequent than being unable to fall asleep, it was the worse of the two problems, as I would then be up until 4 or 5 AM. Needless to say, my daytime life lacked zest and I was almost always feeling fatigued. I didn't really expect much out of chiropractic when I first started. I soon noticed, however, that my sleep problems were markedly diminished. The adjustments coupled with a slight change in my sleeping position recommended by Dr. Cohn have made a tremendous difference in my sleeping. Falling asleep quickly is now the norm, and I don't believe I have awakened after 2-3 hours of sleep since starting chiropractic care. And, I definitely have more energy and feel more vigorous during the daytime. I started chiropractic care about three months ago, and this effect has endured from almost the beginning of care."

- G. Dayton

"My allergies to my cats were so severe that when I came to Ari for help I'd had several bouts of sinusitis in a row, and my allergy medications were barely sustaining me. Now my doctor wanted to prescribe a third medication for me to take in combination with the other two--but instead of just treating symptoms I was ready to take extreme measures to see what could be done to cure me once and for all. I contacted Ari because his website had some interesting things to say about the effect of chiropractic care on allergies. After only about 6 weeks under Ari's care, my allergies had vanished! I no longer need any medication, and I can hug and kiss my silly cats without having to use a whole box of tissues. This is definitely not psychosomatic, kids: I don't think anyone can psychologically create that much sneezing and itchy eyes and drainage! And why would one? This is due to Ari's techniques and skills, nothing more. I am amazed and shocked, but he did it."

- Elizabeth J.

"My daughter was about 7 years old when she started to show signs of Eczema that would appear as blotches of skin discoloration. She soon became self-conscious and to avoid being teased by other kids, even in the summers, she would insist on wearing long sleeved shirts and jeans to cover up her arms and legs. In February 2007, we all got a bit alarmed when the blotchiness spread to her face. We had already tested her for allergies, used milder detergents and soaps, cut out the boxed drinks and fast food and used prescription lotions. We believe all of the above helped to contain the condition but still the condition persisted. A friend of the family had mentioned that chiropractic was known to have beneficial effects on skin conditions so when I met Dr Ari I was ready to bring my daughter in for consultation. My daughter has been receiving weekly adjustments from Dr Ari for the past 4-months. Improvement occurred gradually and now her skin is almost even. Her skin is no longer a topic of conversation either at home or at school. Gone are the days when we would spend hours trying to reassure her while we frantically searched for a solution. What a tremendous relief to our family.

Thanks Dr. Ari... "

- Andy N.

"I started coming to Dr. Cohn about two months ago to treat a tightness in my mid back. During the first consultation I described the onset of my problem to be a fall from a flight of stairs about a year and a half ago. This fall also resulted in a buzzing in my ears that has been constant ever since. For this I have tried multiple medications to no avail. Dr. Cohn did some tests on me and told me that I could expect the pain and the buzzing to go away once I began care. To be honest I was very skeptical - I thought the back pain might get better but I didn't think that there was any way he could help with the buzzing. At a follow up consultation I was tested again and questioned on my condition. The pain in my back is gone and when Dr. Cohn asked me about the buzzing I realized it was gone. I'm not sure when it stopped but it was probably a few weeks into care. I have to be honest - I am not sure that chiropractic was responsible for this change but I didn't do anything else that would have affected my hearing."

- Dennis M.

"When I first walked into Ari Cohn's office in September of 2001, I was the skeptic to top all skeptics. I was deathly afraid of having my spinal cord severed and really doubted that chiropractic care would benefit me at all. At my first visit I told Ari that my back hurt and I also shared with him other symptoms that had been plaguing me for about 5 years. I wasn't sleeping well, I was extremely irritable and most of all, I suffered with constant sinus infections. Every cold I got would instantly develop into a sinus problem and since I knew about but had practiced little holistic treatment, I fell for the Western medicine antibiotic scheme every time. I was frustrated and in my desperation took a leap for something which I had feared for years--the crack of my neck on the chiropractor's table. Ari eased my fears, gently walked me through his approach and process of treatment and gradually I got over the hesitation of having those ungodly sounds emanate from my spine.

Within months, I was sleeping better and my mood was improved. Various factors can account for this but the one symptom that really needed outside assistance was the sinus problems. I can't recall when exactly I noticed a change, but since undergoing Ari's care and with the help of a conscious diet and reduction of stress, on the rare occasion that I now get colds, they no longer develop into sinus infections. Little to none remains of the person I was physically. I can feel the difference when my neck and back are aligned correctly and I can instantly see and feel the effects of an adjustment--from my mood change to my skin conditions to my sleep patterns.

I think the one visit that stands out for me most was the day I entered his office with a tremendous stress headache--something that happens mostly when too much time has elapsed between visits--and I walked out breathing clear and all traces of the headache had vanished. This reaffirmed what I had come to believe about the positive effects of adjustments on my body. I am glad I overcame my skepticism and opted to instead open my mind to a healthier and happier life."

- Nancy D.

"I've had a speech problem ever since I was a child. I can remember being taken out of class in elementary school to see the speech therapist once a week, and getting special permission from my teachers to not call on me in class. I attended National Stuttering Association (NSA) support groups in New York City where we would discuss why I stutter and that it's ok. I would ride my bike to my school speech therapist's house during the summer for extra sessions. All of these support systems failed primarily because of a common misconception (well, with my type of stuttering that is), my speech problem was a breathing issue.

I did not slur my words or have trouble pronouncing certain letters, I would just get "stuck" before saying a word. As if my jaw had this uncontrollable lock on it and I could not open my mouth to say anything. Sometimes my jaw would lock up so much, my bottom lip would tremble while I was trying to get a word out. The consensus was, I just needed to practice my breathing. I was told to start my sentences while I breathe out. I was instructed by the NSA to record myself saying random sentences with my mouth one inch from a microphone so they could hear my breathing. The recorded cassette tape was then mailed to the NSA for analysis. This technique never helped my stutter and so I stopped the breathing technique towards the end of middle school and just had to deal with the stutter.

When the end of high school and college came around, my stuttering faded away. Not completely, but it was less than usual. Not sure why, since that time of my life was pretty stressful. When I was in college, I was giving at least one presentation a week and I did not stutter at all. Maybe because I was relaxed and just felt care free during that time period.

My stutter came back out of nowhere after college. I started grinding my teeth at night and stuttering more and more. It seemed that the more I was grinding my teeth, the more I stuttered. I began to think these two where related, and started to do some research that would help relieve tension in my neck and jaw muscles. A friend of mine who had a bad teeth grinding issue referred me to Dr. Cohn. She said her jaw tension issue is about 99 percent resolved, so i decided to make an appointment. I must say, that was the best advice I've received my entire life.

During my first visit, Dr. Cohn explained the benefits of chiropractic care since I was a first timer. The first temperature test results proved I was having tension issues in my neck, and that the tension is most likely affecting my jaw. After the first few visits, I began to notice a difference in my speech. My lock-jaw stuttering was slowly going away! I would still lock up on a word every now and then, but not as much as in the past. I noticed that when I didn't see Dr. Cohn for a while, the tension comes back and I start to lock up again. So I made an appointment for an adjustment twice a week for a little over a month.

A few weeks later, the second temperature test showed a dramatic decrease in tension around my neck. This was an "Ah-ha" moment for me! The combination of: reduced tension from the tests, my speech improving when I had a chiropractic adjustment and speech worsened when I didn't get adjusted, was proof that chiropractic care has truly helped me pinpoint my speech problem. If only someone told me to go to the chiropractor when I was younger, I would've raised my hand in class!

Since my first visit, my speech has dramatically improved! Dr. Cohn has really changed my life. I can't thank him enough for allowing me to finally communicate with the rest of the world. I hope that someone who stutters is reading this and makes an appointment with Dr. Cohn or seeks chiropractic care to "cure" their stuttering.

Best, "

- John

"I was shopping in a store in Princeton after a visit to my family doctor at which I was told to see a gastroenterologist for a mysterious pain in my abdomen. During my shopping trip I met Ari who was performing spinal screenings. Ari checked my spine and told me which parts needed to be adjusted. As it turns out, one of the places in my spine that needed adjustment was related to gastrointestinal problems. I knew that seeing a gastroenterologist about my stomach would involve test after test and perhaps even surgery and I wanted to avoid those procedures if I could. I decided to see Ari in his office. I knew the benefits of chiropractic for the performance of the muscles, bones and nerves of the spine but I was skeptical about the benefit of chiropractic care for my abdominal problems. Much to my surprise my overall health has improved dramatically over the past year and a half as a result of seeing Ari on a regular basis. My stomach doesn't bother me anymore and I leave the office feeling 'tuned up' for anything I need to do."

- J. Reid

"I had been suffering from excruciating leg and foot night cramps for several months. I tried every remedy recommended but nothing worked. My secretary had been going to Dr. Ari Cohn for chiropractic treatments and suggested that I give it a try. I knew that cramps were not in the usual realm of chiropractic practice but I had nothing to lose. After only one visit to Dr. Cohn, the cramps disappeared and I have not experienced any cramps in the last two months. What a relief! I am so grateful to Dr. Cohn.

Thanks Dr. Cohn!"

- Bishop O'Connell

"Since my very first adjustment I stopped getting my daily cramping and pain. I've gotten through five weeks without this. After Three sessions I got one of my migraines, but for the first time it was relieved by giving it Reiki. That was six weeks ago. I was normally getting debilitating migraines at least once a week lasting one to three days. And since my brain surgery in '97 I hadn't ever gotten past one month without a migraine. Also in the past four years I lost 1¾ inches of height. After a month of adjustments I decided to measure my height again. I'm back to my normal 5'1¾". I've also lost 12 pounds in the past six weeks."

- Sue O.

"Since I began chiropractic care I have had more motivation to live life to the fullest. Used to wake up almost every hour now I sleep the full night through, this is very important to me. Another very important benefit of care is that it has helped balance me. The degree of subluxations (disturbances in the nervous system) and my mental capacity is parallel. As subluxations are corrected my mental resistance to illogical stimulations has increased dramatically. I now have a higher threshold to mental stress, and I have been much better able to deal with a stressful work environment. Presumably, this is due to balanced nervous system brought on by chiropractic adjustments, this causes a quicker reaction of my prefrontal cortex (the area of the brain that controls emotions and thinking) so that inappropriate or unwanted emotional responses are suppressed and healthy constructive responses can be expressed. Therefore chiropractic helps me to communicate better with uncivilized people such as the people in my work community."

- Nobu O.

"I've been seeing Ari for about a year and a half now on a weekly basis. He has helped me with my health in a number of ways. His adjustments that clear up my nervous system of interference have had a very positive effect on my immune system. Not only that, but I have been more alert at work, I am sleeping better, and I have been a more positive person.

I can tell that my immune system has been boosted because I haven't had a serious cold since just before I started seeing Ari. Previously, I had a semi-serious or serious cold every year. I even remember being down with the flu for 4 days one year, missing quite a bit of work in the process. I can tell now that my symptoms of a cold are a lot less severe and go away a lot faster. I had a minor cold late last year, but it went away faster than ever and I had only a scratchy throat instead of a sore throat. This winter, everybody around me at work has been out due to illness. I have been able to be at work everyday (wait, is that a good thing?).

Another example of how it has helped my immune system is when early last year I came down with severe stomach pains. I was so worried that I went to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed it as appendicitis and the four doctors that followed diagnosed it as the same. I spent the night in the hospital expecting to go into surgery the next morning. I woke up that morning feeling good as new. The doctors sent me home and I was on the golf course later that afternoon. I was so relieved to avoid unnecessary major surgery (and relieved I could go play golf).

Ari has also encouraged me to exercise and take multi-vitamins everyday. I have been taking the vitamins and trying to get out to exercise when I can. I give all the credit to Ari for my improved mental and physical health and I will continue to see him for as long as I am alive... which I plan on being a long, long time. I have even sent my 3-month-old daughter Sadie to him for an adjustment because I believe so strongly in the benefits. Guess what, she's 5 months old now and has yet to have a sniffle. Thanks Ari!"

- Tim B.

"I originally started seeking Ari's assistance with a pinched nerve I had developed on the left side of my neck. Ari's thorough analysis was able to pinpoint my trouble spots and determine it was not just my neck that was off, but a few other areas as well. Ari took the time out to describe what was going wrong with my body and showed me steps on how to improve my health overall. Since visiting Ari regularly, I have now become more aware of my body and its reactions. I can now tell when my body is tightening up do to stress and have learned how to relax the muscles so that I don't have the same problem as before. I also had a previous injury to my knee some years ago, this injury prevented me from running for extended periods of time because it was such a strain on my knee. After a few weeks of care, I decided to test my knee and see how much stress it could handle from the running. I am happy to say, that I can now run two miles without stopping, and this summer I hope to go even further."

- N. Coy

"During the sessions I had with Ari, I had a lot of improvements. Before I had any work done I had a lot of problems including getting light headed quite often and I had quite a bit of pain in both my upper back and my lower neck, After a few session I very rarely get light headed and the pain has reduced a lot. My neck does not have much pain at all and my back barely has pain. Basically there have been many improvements since I started chiropractic adjustments. Thank You."

- Tara K.

"I would recommend Dr. Cohn to anyone who wants to be healthier because he strikes me as a caring and optimistic person with plenty of intelligence and integrity. Since I don't have a medical degree, I look for these traits in a doctor, as well as a willingness to provide an environment that provides health through skills and education. I want my children to learn that they can support good health rather than wait to get sick. I want doctors to help us feel better and Dr. Cohn does exactly that."

- Janet N.

"After Two months of chiropractic care I thought I would give you an up date on how I'm feeling. As you know, when I first came in I was in pretty bad shape, experiencing significant back and neck pain accompanied by a general lack of energy.

Well, in a word the results have been outstanding. In about four days the back pain had disappeared to a point where there was NO restricted movement. Once my condition improved I felt a gradual increase in energy to where I could get back to exercising-even if it was on a reduced level at first.

Soon after, I began noticing other things. First, a level of health that I had not known for YEARS, including feeling more well rested in the morning (presumably because I was sleeping better), and (pardon this) much better elimination, which certainly makes one "feel" better. My total well being improved and continues to do so.

And there's more. Last week, I was weight lifting and (typically) pushed it too far. During a set of military press reps, I strained my mid-back area and the pain/discomfort returned immediately...But, this time, something else happened. Instead of a week or two of slow recovery, I felt fine again in three days. THIS has never happened before.

I have to believe at least part, if not most, of the reason is a result of the regular treatments I have received. In the past, nothing else has made a difference-massage, pills, etc. And I ain't getting any younger (I'm 51)!"

- S. Decker

"On April 7, 2004 I began seeing Dr. Ari Cohn for severely debilitating migraine headaches and a number of menstrual problems which conventional Western medicine has yet to diagnose correctly. A typical migraine headache would last anywhere from one day to twenty plus days, and could range in severity so that the symptoms mirrored those of the West Nile Virus. The frequency of the headaches was at least one mild, short lasting headache a week.

The menstrual problems I had experienced since the beginning of my menstrual cycle at the age of 12. After two years of waiting for my cycle to regulate itself, my doctor at the time decided it would be best if I began birth control pills to hopefully regulate a 14 year old girls menstrual cycle. My cycle looked something like this, for a week and a half week out of a month I would be transformed into a completely different person, experiencing cramping that frequently left me curled in a little ball crying. The next week would follow with very heavy bleeding, boarding the line of hemorrhaging.

This cycle reached a point where I began to hemorrhage at the age of 20 for five months before it was decided that exploratory surgery was "the only option". After finding nothing visually wrong with my uterus it was decided that I should began continual hormone therapy, achieved through taking the birth control pill at a higher dose every day with no break. This was decided without first testing my hormone levels to see if that was actually the problem. I did this therapy for three months before menopause like symptoms began to appear and my hair was falling out. I stopped taking birth control pills completely and when my cycle came back it was just as painful.

Thankfully it did not take long after I began to see Dr. Ari for both problems and a myriad of smaller issues began to go away. I no longer take the prescribed narcotic for migraines. I am able to last almost two weeks without experiencing a light migraine and a month plus without a really bad one. My menstrual cycle has gradually improved to the point where my hormonal, bleeding self that terrorized villages is no longer controlling me. My hips are no longer twisted; making both of my legs the same length and I actually grew an inch."

- S Hopson

"I spent my first year of practice in London where I had many interesting experiences helping people. This is definitely one of my favorite stories.

One month after I started practicing, an older man from Turkey came into the office wearing a neck brace. I soon found out that he had been wearing it for the previous fourteen years, because a doctor had told him "he had arthritis and he should wear a neck brace." After taking x-rays I discovered he had a mild case of arthritis but nothing notable. I started adjusting him and within weeks he stopped wearing the brace. Soon after that he gave the neck brace to me because he felt that he didn't need it anymore. Two months after he began care, his wife and his daughter came in demanding to know what I had done to their father/husband because he was a totally different person. They told me he was now nice and they enjoyed being around him whereas before he was always angry and nasty. Strangely enough, this change in his attitude had nothing to do with an alleviation of pain. Although he could move more freely, at this point his neck still hurt just as much as when he started care. Due to how happy his family was with his dramatic "attitude adjustment" they decided to come to me for the rest of my stay in England. Not only did his wife and two daughters come in, but also his son, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, two cousins, and two grandchildren."

-Abram T.

"I spent my first year of practice in London where I had many interesting experiences helping people.

Aysel was a sister-in-law of Abram, the man from "The Story Of The Neck Brace". She was also from Turkey and she spoke almost no English at all. Her sister, who spoke broken English at best, translated for her. I was told that she had pain in her neck and arm and that it had been like this for years. She also had headaches that caused referred pain in her teeth.

I did scans on her with the same equipment that I have in this office and found that her nervous system was, not surprisingly, in terrible shape. She was only staying in London for a few months so I began adjusting her immediately and quite often.

Just before she went back to Turkey I did a follow up re-exam on her, with her sister translating again. This time she told me that the pain and the headaches were gone and that she was able to go out for walks, which was a big change for her! Then she got really excited and started waving her left arm around in the air. I asked her sister what she was saying. Her sister told me she could move her arm. I said, "what do you mean, she couldn't move her arm before?" She said, "she hasn't been able to move her arm more than a couple of inches in any direction for years." Now this older Turkish woman was waving her arm in circles above her head with the range of motion of a twenty-year-old."

- Aysel G.

"I started seeing Dr. Cohn about 2 years ago. At the time I had a very stressful commute that gave me almost daily headaches. These headaches would escalate into severe migraines several times a month. My husband was seeing Dr. Cohn at the time and encouraged me to come along. My desperation to feel better finally overcame my fear of the process, and I started having regular adjustments. The results were almost immediate. Within weeks my headaches had largely subsided and my life was returning to normal. I've also noticed that my resistance to colds has increased--before starting regular chiropractic visits I would contract several colds each winter, but in the last 2 years I've avoided most colds and the ones that I have had have been minor and short in duration. Other "side effects" (the kind that you want to have) I've had include relief from back pain, improved energy, and even my allergies have become less severe. And the information that I've received from Dr. Cohn has helped me to change my lifestyle to include a healthy diet and exercise as a part of a whole-body approach to good health. I appreciate Dr. Cohn's down-to-earth style and have learned a lot on my way to better health. I plan to continue my regular visits for years to come"

- Valerie M.

"Although through my growing years I have been a fairly healthy person, I came to Dr. Ari at an extremely stressful time in my life in which my system and body by all rights should have been very "off". Through his adjustments to my spine every week I have (though I was exposed to many, many sick people) not even caught as much as a common cold. I am totally convinced that my weekly alignment has kept me in total health ever since I started your treatments 3 years ago. Thank you so much for your care."

- Ankie B.

"I've been receiving regular adjustments and learning from Dr. Cohn since the summer of 2000. In addition to a remarkable improvement in my immune system, Dr. Cohn has taught me a lot about understanding my body, medication, vaccines, and most importantly what symptoms are and what they mean. The improvements in every aspect of my life make it well worth a two hour commute (1 hour each way) once a week to see Dr. Cohn."

- Blair J.

"In Sept of 2013, I was diagnosed with a Lyme disease co-infection called anaplasmosis. For over a year, I was in constant pain in every joint and muscle from my neck to my ankles. I have been going to acupressure and acupuncture to help relieve the pain but there was never significant improvement.

Finally, in December I was desperate to try anything to help alleviate the constant pain, I decided to see Dr. Cohn. When I saw him I let him know my anxiety about being cracked and about my neck being manipulated. He alleviated all my fears and explained what he would do instead of the usual manipulations. When I got to his office, my pain level was at a 5. The previous week it was at a 10-my pain level would fluctuate from day to day. After my first visit with Dr. Cohn, my pain level was at a 0.5 and subsequently I have not had any pain. My quality of life has drastically changed and I can finally enjoy my life without being in chronic pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Cohn. He is very knowledgeable, understanding and overall a great doctor. I wouldn't be where I am today without his help."

- S. Shah

"At the age of 11, after extensive diagnostic testing which revealed I had no disease and, for lack of a definitive answer, I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Virus. I was told that eustress, as well as distress, rendered my immune system incapable of defending against infection, and the prescription was to lower the stress level in my life. Not just bad stress, but good stress as well! I experienced panic attacks in varying forms. On occasion my legs would turn tingly and give way without cause. I often experienced dizziness and lightheadedness. One of the most humiliating and common attacks came in the form of coughing fits where my throat would itch and swell, which made breathing difficult. I would cough and tear uncontrollably, and could only hope it wouldn't last very long. I have no known allergies to anything. If we were going on vacation, I would not be told until were in transit, bags packed for me, because, had I any foreknowledge, I would get so excited that by the time we were to leave I would be sick with fever and unable to go! My teachers allowed me to turn in my work and study from home throughout most of my grade school years, as knowledge of exams left me bedridden for weeks at a time. I remember my mother lovingly pouring sits baths for me and placing ice packs under my neck, behind the knees and under my arms in an attempt to subdue my fevers which would reach as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit. I was unable to walk for days at a time. These bouts of sickness would last for approximately 2 to 3 weeks at a time and occurred 2 to 4 times a year. After learning to recognize some of my triggers to stress, I was able manage my exposure and lead a somewhat "normal" life. Although I had much improved, I decided to try chiropractic in hopes that I be able to achieve even better health. Since joining Dr. Cohn's practice, not only are my bouts of tingly legs a thing of the past, but I am in the best health of my life! I have been sick maybe four times in the last two years and my recovery time has been just a few days. Through chiropractic, my body's ability to live life vibrantly has been restored."

- Angela V.


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