Mission Trips With Our Princeton NJ Chiropractor

Chiropractic Princeton NJ Mission Trips

Princeton NJ Chiropractor Volunteers Peru and Panama

The purpose of chiropractic in Princeton NJ is to increase the body's potential to express and experience life, it is not limited to treating individual pains or symptoms. By removing disturbances in a person's nervous system, the ability to heal is greatly improved. This helps in repairing long standing damage, in preventing new problems and most important in giving the person the ability to develop to his or her maximum genetic potential.

I attended the following mission trips to provide those in need who live in less fortunate countries with desperately needed care.


In Peru, we traveled to Cuzco and set up adjusting areas all over the town. We adjusted thousands of people and saw some miraculous changes. Some people who had barely been able to walk could walk again and, one man regained vision in his left eye. Many people told us they had digestive and respiratory problems clear up after being adjusted, and countless people told us they just felt better than they had in years. It was amazing to see such miraculous changes in such a short time.

Chiropractic is not only for the sick or injured; it is for any one who wants to be better than they are right now.


In Panama, my group of chiropractors was commended by the President and the First Lady of Panama for our efforts in helping those in need. My group of four chiropractors was also commended by the governor of Colon, where we worked during the trip. I was also given the honor of giving the Governor his first chiropractic adjustment. In total, our group of 125 chiropractors gave over 100,000 adjustments in the period of one week. Personally, I provided about 4,000 people with the gift of a healthier nervous system. It was an absolute life changing experience.


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